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Understand the R.U.L.E.S. of Microaggression, learn to D.I.S.R.U.P.T., and W.I.N.!

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Dr. Valerie James

Microaggression Scientist

The phrase ‘microaggression’ was coined by Dr. Chester M. Pierce, an African-American psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School. He described microaggression as insults and dismissals which he regularly witnessed non-black Americans inflicting on African-Americans.


Microaggression is (as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary), "a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority."  


Microaggression exists in professional, social, and personal spaces, and occurs so frequently that many people do not even notice the hidden messages communicated.  It is a challenging topic to discuss, especially for people who are the victims of microaggression. This lack of awareness makes it crucial to address. As a Microaggression Scientist, I feel compelled to present the topic of microaggression in a manner that is “UN-SugarCoated.

"Microaggression is disrespectful at its core." ~ Dr. Val                           

Dr. Val's Story

Microaggression Scientist.  Educator.  Proud Woman of Color.  Dedicated Mom. 

Dr. Valerie James has capitalized on thirty-two plus years of experience in education to impact equity and justice for all stakeholders. She associates her tenure with professional development, professional learning communities, and gifted and talented staff training, within urban and metro rural communities throughout the United States.


This proud woman of color and consummate educator has served in varying leadership roles, stemming from elementary school teacher, literacy coach, adjunct professor, literacy facilitator, to her current role as a seasoned principal.


Her doctoral work of study, educational leadership, and ensuring equity for all stakeholders, has provided her with a solid foundation necessary to develop expertise in identifying discriminatory perspectives and behaviors that marginalize women, with a focus on the workplace.


A breadth of professional experience coupled with research experience have afforded her the opportunity to develop expertise in the framework of Microaggression: Microassault, Microinsult, and Microvalidation.


Dr. James views professional learning as the cornerstone for providing a sustainable and rich experience for all stakeholders as related to teaching and learning. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that professional women are equipped, empowered, and encouraged. 

Intro to Understanding Microggression...

Racism Fuels Subtle Mini-Assaults

“ must not look for the gross and obvious. The subtle, cumulative mini-assault is the substance of today’s racism...”   


~Dr. Chester Pierce, Psychiatrist & Harvard University Professor

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